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Main Street Kitchen is located at:
120 E. Main St
Stoughton, WI 53589

Phone: 608-873-5113



Main Street Kitchen is in the Brickson Building located at 120 E. Main Street. The building was built in 1882 and has brick exterior walls with a plaster wall down the between 120 and 130 E. Main Street. When built, the building used a unique way of attaching the plaster to the brick wall. There are wood slats running horizontally in the brick to attach the vertical strips that held the lath and plaster. The Building also has a beautiful pressed tin ceiling that was

1883 Bird's Eye View of Stoughton. The building in the box is 120 E. Main St.

hidden above a drop ceiling for decades. We were able to find our building in the 1883 Bird's Eye View of Stoughton and placed it in the inset to the left.

The map to the right is a Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from 1884 and shows that the building was a furnature store with a talor shop also sharing space. The map map also shows that our addition was not built prior to the creation of the fire map. Using this map and the 1883 drawing you can see that the building that includes McGlynn Pharmacy was built between the two documents.

1884 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

The 1898 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map to the right shows that the use of the building changed from a furniture store to a carpet store and shows an addition to 130 E. Main.

1904 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

The 1904 Sanborn Map to the Left shows the addition to the rear of our building and was used as a different store in conjunction with 130 E. Main Street. It is indicated in the 1912 Sanborn map below that that the ownership of the one building including both 120 and 130 E. Main Street was split as there is now a dotted line down the middle of the addition and that the use of the building had now shifted from carpet and became a Clothing Store.

1898 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

The neighboring buildings also had interesting transformations throughout the time of the maps that we were able to find. In the 1912 Map the building located at 110 E. Main Street was a moving picture facility and the building that now contains McGlynn Pharmacy was a barber shop and drug store. The rear portion of the same building was a tin shop in the map.

In the 1970s the Stoughton Landmarks Commission filed and had approved the Downtown Historic District for State and National Landmark designation. In the document that was submitted it showed our building was used for clothing sales as The Stoughton Store.

1912 Sanborn Insurance Map

National Register of Historic Places Inventory - Nomination Form


Here are two pictures that were submitted with the documentation for the National Designation. They are from two different time periods and show two different stores at 130 E. Main.

- Information compiled by Derek Westby


Info and FAQ’s


Do you have specialty coffee drinks?

We have hot and iced coffee and offer a range of flavors and creamers. We will make it as sweet as you like and with a syrup or creamer (or both)!

Do you have gluten free options?

We have a variety of options that are gluten free. We do our best to ensure that those items are wheat free.

Many of our soups and salad options are gluten free. Please let us know if you have a food allergy so we can discuss your options.


Are your baked goods homemade?

Yes, all of our treats are baked in house. We pride ourselves on offering custom bakery options like scones, fold over pastries, muffins, cookies and many more delicious treats!


Can we host an event at main street kitchen?

Yes! If you would like to host an event at MSK it would be $150 rental fee and $20 extra per hour. If you would have us cater food for your event then there is no charge to rent the restaurant. If you host your event the set up and clean up are included in the cost.

is there a limit to how many people we have for a catered event?

We can cater your main entree event for up to 50 people. We do not have a limit on desserts, appetizers or sides. So, you could have a main course for 50 people plus sides, or you could have a range of sides, appetizers and desserts as a main course for an unlimited amount of people.