Tai Chi

at Main Street Kitchen

Margaret Reeves

Margaret Reeves

Wednesdays from 6pm - 7pm

$5 a class



Tai Chi Studio brings together traditional Chinese systems of health and longevity, specially tailored to meet the needs of your lifestyle.   It is an enjoyable and beneficial way to balance and improve your life.

Margaret offers instruction in Yang Style Tai Chi and Qigong with the emphasis on meditation and movement, making it the perfect activity for people of all ages and abilities to reduce the ills of modern life.

Tai Chi is a “soft” Martial Art with slow flowing movement.   It encourages muscle softness to allow the flow of Chi energy throughout the body.  The continuous movement helps your mind to be present to in the now moment. Tai chi quiets your thoughts and connects your mind with your body.   By keeping our mind focused to the feeling of motion, we train ourselves not to wonder off to past concerns or future worries. If you have tried seated meditation and have been unable to quiet the mind, Tai Chi moving mediation will keep you in the now moment.

Margaret would love to see you be the master of your creation, be in control of your thoughts, and remove all blockages in the body caused by hardness and negativity.  Once the Qi energy (Chi) is able to flow through the body unobstructed, you will find balance, peace, and harmony in all areas your life.

Tai Chi Stoughton Wisconsin

Instructor Margaret Reeves

Margaret Reeves is a former State Police Officer in Sydney Australia.  She served the people of New South Wales for 25 years, feeling disillusioned with law, she searched for a better way to be of service to people.   Margaret began her search with the study of Ayuvedia, (an Indian Health System) and became qualified in both Pranic (Indian) and Reiiki (Japanese) energetic healing.   It wasn’t until 2007 when Margaret was invited to participate in a study into Tai Chi, that she found her direction into Chinese health.   She was asked by the Melbourne University to donate her DNA as a “non-Tai Chi” participant in a study into the epigenetic changes in response to Tai Chi practice.   After finding out there was preliminary evidence at a cellular level that Tai Chi provides longevity, she began her practice of tai chi.

Margaret began to study Tai Chi, and was lucky enough to be a student of Master Tang Lai Wei.   Master Tang is a foundation member of the famous Beijing Wushu Team, which won twelve consecutive China National Championships.  Master Tang began training at the age of seven and has won over twenty medals, including Wushu’s highest award, the Wu Ying.  Master Tang was formerly the training partner of the action star Jet Lei, and holds a 7th grade in Wushu.

In 2010 Margaret moved to Madison, Wisconsin where she was delighted to find Ms. Patty Penner, a local Tai Chi practitioner who studied the same linage, with whom she was able to continue her practice.  Ms Penner is a student of Master Hongchao  Zhang of the Gong Fu Institute of Chicago.  Master Zhang is a former Wushu Judicator in China and a 2008 Olympic torch bearer for the Beijing Olympic Games.  Margaret continues her study with Master Zhang.

In 2014 Margaret began studying with David-Dorian Ross, founder of Taijifit ™. David-Dorian holds the record as America’s competitive Tai Chi champion winning 8 US gold medals, world silver and 2 world bronze medals in Tai chi performance, the highest record of any American Tai Chi athlete.

Margaret is a fully certified Tai Chi practitioner with the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (americataichi.org) .  She is a 200 hour licensed instructor in Taijifit.